Steve is a senior from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He is a major in Studio Art and a minor in Computer Science. We had a conversation with him about his endeavors in Graphic Design, how his major and minor at times overlap, and his leadership roles in Student Government and Athletics.

When you first got started with Graphic Design, it was just a small group with a few seniors. What is it today and how did you contribute?

SS: When I was a freshman, there was an ad on the RSD advertising a group for people to come together and work on graphic design for fun. It was a group of students teaching each other how to use Adobe software and such. The seniors who were running the group were graduating and I was interested in continuing it. So at the end of freshman year I talked to the OSE about the idea of having paid graphic designers, because I thought that the idea of paying people would motivate them. Today, the OSE graphic design team consists of people who meet once a week and look at each other’s designs and try to voice constructive critique.

What are some examples of work done by the Graphic Design team?

SS: The designs for Worthstock posters the past two years, big campus-wide parties like the Halloween party, Olde Club events, SGO study breaks, CIL events, and lots of events for other campus groups like SAO and the BCC. I actually ended up hanging the Worthstock posters from sophomore year up in my room last year because I liked them a lot.

You’re the Director of Graphic Design, a captain of the varsity Swim Team, and the former Student Body President. Lots of leadership roles! What are some leadership skills that you picked up from past captains or club directors?

SS: Well, the swim team captains have always served as easy examples for me to live up to. My freshman year, the captains were really energetic and excited about the sport. They made practice fun because they made a visible effort to include underclassmen and to make everyone feel pivotal to the team. This year, I think that the captains are really committed to the sport which definitely helps drive us and will hopefully lead to success this season.

What was your favorite project while you were a leader in Student Government?

SS: Dorm games! This was an initiative we did on the Student Life Committees to promote dorm life and community. And study breaks too. Long live fruit night. It was so much fun as president to have breaks for people to come to, full of food and friends.

What are you doing in your current Art class?

SS: I’m doing paintings. They’re abstract. I use coloring book images and I collage them. I paint on top of them, trying to recreate the effect of a coloring book. It’s an exciting project to work on for senior year.


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